Safety, Safety, Safety!

by Chuck (Onehorse) Tarinelli

Like hunting, handloading can be a rewarding, worthwhile and fun experience. Like hunting, it can also be dangerous if certain rules are not followed and common sense is not observed throughout the process. Every handloading guidebook will contain warnings and instructions for avoiding problems. Follow those warnings and instructions. Several warnings have been given throughout this article. A few more that can’t be overstated are listed below:

  • Alcohol, smoking and gun powder do not go together.
  • Powder should be stored in a secured place.
  • Never mix powders of different kinds.
  • Keep powder in its original container.
  • Don’t reload when you are tired or distracted.
  • Stay alert and focused when handloading.
  • Follow handloading data exactly – no shortcuts or substitutions.
  • Measure and check tool and die settings periodically throughout the reloading session.
  • Wear safety glasses when handloading.
  • Do not eat while handloading.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handloading.

Next, we’ll take a look at handloading resources and suppliers.

Chuck TarinelliChuck Tarinelli
The first real hunting Chuck did as a young man was with his English setter for the pheasants and ruffed grouse of New England. Later, he started pursuing deer and bear in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
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