A Message from the Author, Chuck (Onehorse) Tarinelli

by Chuck (Onehorse) Tarinelli

The legendary American frontiersmen, like Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone and Jim Bridger were famous for their hunting and shooting skills. They didn’t have brass cases, smokeless powder, nor anywhere near the kind of equipment that is available today.

Nevertheless, they were handloaders in a very real sense. They had to measure and pour powder, seat a bullet, and prime every load. They did all their handloading right in the barrels of their muzzle loaders shot by shot.

As modern hunters, we share a direct link with these frontiersmen, and we can follow their footprints even more closely by handloading our own cartridges. And, while so doing, we can save money, improve our shooting skills, take pride and satisfaction in our work, and enjoy a worthwhile activity – Reloading/Handloading for Hunting.

Good luck, good shooting and… great hunting!

Chuck Tarinelli
Montana pronghorn taken with a .270 WSM handload (Hornady 130 grain Interlock bullet over 59.5 grains of H4350 powder).

Chuck TarinelliChuck Tarinelli
The first real hunting Chuck did as a young man was with his English setter for the pheasants and ruffed grouse of New England. Later, he started pursuing deer and bear in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
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