Some Long Range Shooting Results

by Chuck (Onehorse) Tarinelli

Using the techniques outlined in these articles, this bull was knocked off its feet with one shot from a .280 Rem. at over 400 yards. Using a bipod and a solid rest, the shot was taken from the top of the sage flat above the tree-lined creek in the background…

…and this pronghorn was dropped in its tracks with one shot at a measured 340 yards. I hit this animal just two inches to the “northeast” of where I had aimed. You bet I’m smiling!

I hope these articles will someday prove to have been helpful when you are faced with that long range opportunity at a big game animal. Please remember that pulling the trigger can be the end of a successful hunt, or it can be the beginning of some pretty regretful memories. Sometimes realizing that everything isn’t just right and deciding NOT to shoot can be just as rewarding as recognizing the good shot and dropping an animal in its tracks. Our responsibility as ethical hunters is knowing the difference. Good luck, good shooting and … great hunting!

Chuck TarinelliChuck Tarinelli
The first real hunting Chuck did as a young man was with his English setter for the pheasants and ruffed grouse of New England. Later, he started pursuing deer and bear in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
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