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Youth Sportsmen Contest

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This one was fun last year, when we were just getting this forum off the ground, so let's do it again this year shall we?

Last year, Philip from Vermont won our contest and the $100 check for taking a 4 pt. in his first year of hunting. Check out the picture here: Philip's 4 pt

He also sent us a great shot of holding the $100 check: Philip with the $100 Check

If you want to be holding the $100 check this time around, read over the rules below. Best of luck to all!

$100 "Bucks for a Buck or Dough for a Doe" Drawing.

This one is open to the young hunters among us. If you are 16 or younger, and successfully take a deer this season (2007-2008), then you are eligible for a $100 cash drawing courtesy of DeerHuntersClub.Com -- Entry information is below:

-16 Years Old or Younger
-Post a picture of your deer in the Young Sportsman Gallery
-Active Member of DeerHuntersClub

The drawing will take place in February. We'll be emailing the winner, so make sure you have a working email address in your profile.

The winner of the drawing will be mailed a check for $100. Simple as that!

Please note that this contest is for "active" members. We're not saying you have to post every single day, but if the total post count is "1" and the only day the member visited was the day they uploaded the picture, we'll redraw.
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okay you kids got your marching orders go out there be safe and get a good one:boxing:
one more side note on that. to remain an active member i believe you have to post at least 1 time every 30 days. good luck young hunters
Great Idea for a Contest!!!

Darn! Thought I would have TWO sons in the youth sportsmen contest, but one of them is now too old. Never thought I would hear myself saying that. Oh well, we have posted one picture, and we still have another two months left in the season. The more the merrier.
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