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I was running (literally running... I was Orienteering) around in the woods yesterday in Bear Mountain State Park in NY. It was terrible weather and it went from a light mist to a downpour part way through my run. As I was running up a draw towards a cliff I was heading to and as I approached a small deer got up and took off over the next hill. I kept running around and about 40 minutes later I was running back; but on the other side of the hill (its a big hill...). I kept hearing noises ahead of me and thought it was a bird; I was more focused on not falling down and rolling my ankle and didnt stop to really listen. As I glanced in the direction of the sound I saw another small deer (maybe the same? ...this time it didnt run). I decided to watch it since it didnt bolt like the last deer I came upon. I crouched down and instead of it running away, it ran towards me. As the rain kept pouring down, it stared at me and I stared at it. When it got within 20 yards it bleated again and I realized that I had not heard a bird but definately this young fawn. I am not sure what happened to its mother-- had it been on its own for long? did the mother get run over?

I didnt see a flat topped skull so if I had to guess it was a young doe fawn. It did the traditional glances where it put its head down to pretend like it wasnt looking then snapped its head back up to see if I had moved. After about a minute of this staredown the fawn finally leaped away. Funny to watch them learn...
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