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If you get the urge to search the woods for a buck rub to pee on. You buy a home not based on what you can afford, but how much wall space it provides for deer mounts! When you prefer the fragrance of tinks 69 over Estee Lauder.
if you know when the rut starts, fawns drop and every planting date but not your wife B-day
if you know what brassica, oats and rye tastes like.
if the pictures in your /mypictures/ directory on your computer are pictures of deer on your hit list.
if you have more trail cam pictures than your entire family's history of photgraphs.
if you do your taxes by hand, but you own a software program to keep track of your deer sightings and pictures.

if you've ever used the terms ; rut , estrus, ratio, pH, Ps, Ks, Ns , no till , rotto till, surfacant, disc , culdipacker, cuddeback, RU, AWP, 2 4-D and DC-2BU all in the same conversation and understand what it all means if you look at a photo of an attractive woman holding a buck and you can't help but wonder how old the buck is.
if.....after a couple of located the kill zone on the family dog
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