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You make the call

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I have a pic of a buck working the trail that I found a scrape on, actually the camera is trained on the scrape area. the call is, does this look like a double main beam buck? pic is a little fuzzy but it sure looks like it is.


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Hard to tell. My first instinct is to say yes. After saving it to my desktop though and zooming in, I think it may be the left main beam you see. Seems like the buck is shaking its head or something (since its blurry) so it may have distorted the pic
guess I'll have to shoot him to get a better look.
If you hold off on him I can bet that another hunter won't.
my inclination is that you are correct that the right main beam does have a rather large second beam. I look at the right frontal beam sweeping normally to the left but seems fused to that second beam low down. Everyone sees what they see and hopefully you put him down and let us know! Interesting photo anyways. Good luck!
guess I'll have to shoot him to get a better look.
Without a doubt. Is that a swamp that buck is in?
No, its no swamp. but the area would during a good rainy spell lead one to believe it is. the hunting area is just off of a river and there are several dry bed washouts the during a good soaking, take on the surplus water like a sponge. if you look closely, the small vrtical hanging branh behind him was the licking branch that was overhanging the scrape, that is now a pool. I'll bet he was rather upset when he came a checking.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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