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Myself, My Dad, My Uncle, and two Long time friends now have a large lease of property that runs in between all the property we actually own. We are wanting to start our own Quality Deer Mgmt program for the property and have done a good bit of research for deer nutrition.

This year we planted our property in a mix of Chicory, Alphalfa, Wheat, and Clover. We are drawing in a ton of more deer than usual with the amount of acorns that are still on the ground. They our mowing down our fields. The deer are also showing substantial rack growth as well.

However, it is during the months of Jan-March we are wanting to add additional nutrition to their food supply. We are wanting to mix Cotton seed, soybean seed, and corn in several feeders throughout the property to help the deer put on more body mass during the hardest part of year for them. We are hoping this will help their bodies be in better conditions for growing racks and just be healthier all around. We are hoping their body size will increase after a year or two of doing this as well.

We are using the Cotton seed becuase it is high in fat (good for bmi), Soybeans because it is high in Protein (good for muscles and health), and Corn. We have heard corn doesn't actually have a lot of nutrition for deer and I am wondering what are y'alls thoughts or advice?

Thanks for the help!
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