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xbow broadheads

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have limited knowledge on broadheads . i use wasp 100 grain broad heads and don t wanna spend the money on something i don t like. my bow is 275 fps just switched to carbon bolts this yr ? any suggestions from u guys i would appeciate. thanks cheers all.:smile:
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i really know nothing about the xbows, but from what i can gather muzzy is the ticket but mind you thats hear say. what does a bolt with broadhead weigh anyway? and then what is the poundage/draw weight of your xbow?
its a excalibur wolverine 150 lb draw 275fps im not expierienced at crossbow hunting just started this past yr but im very proficient with it . my best buds dad bought this bow 20 yrs ago used it once its sat unstrung till i bought it and put the new excalibur scope on it. i ve always hunted deer with a muzzleloader and some times shotgun .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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