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What is going on in NASCAR? Earnhart is on the same team as gordon,bush is on the same team as Stewart and Joe Gibbs went toyota. I'm sure that JR will win more races and toyota will have a premier team now but it just seems the devil came to town and left with a sack of souls.
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Yeah, I hear ya. But like you said JR will do better

As for Tony,Kyle, and Denny well they'd drive the wheels off a Yugo if they got in the race.

With the car of now I don't think it matters a whole lot what logo's on the grill.
Does anybody think the car of tomorow will help NASCAR gain more viewers or produce better racing?
Is that what their responsibility is or should they just run an orginization that lets race teams build the best cars that they can and the fastest car wins?
I think that once they opened the door in the truck series it was only a matter of time.personally i think its done for safety and to bring more money/sponsorships ,like it or not is the biggest manufacture of cars in America now
I think the fall of Open wheel racing scared them. You can't just let them build cars as fast as possible and race because one team will dominate and competition will suffer.

Personally, I think they went too far. Yes the racing may be better with more lead changes but I'll miss the Richard Petty's, Cale Yarlborough's, Dale Earnhardt's or whoever of racing going out and just dominating a race.

I think they've been on the wrong track for a long time, why should they manipulate things to make it competitive between manufacturers. Either they are or they aren't that's up to the manufacturer to worry about. After all it's supposed to be the National Assoc. of Stock Car Automobile Racing. It's a wonder they haven't been sued for calling it stock cars.

Would love to see some Stock car racing again.

But, this is what we have and we'll see where it goes from here.:thumbdown:
well theres always saturday night at your local short track.Im looking forward to the daytona:pickle:
I hear ya Joel, and yes I love the Carolina Speedway (dirt track , old school and low budget). Compared to them NASCAR is like hunting in high fences, too much controlled.

But, still watch Bucks of Tecamonte and NASCAR, it's just not the way I would prefer to do it.

i hear ya .still cant wait for daytona 500.we celebrate the same way we celebrate the superbowl.My team is in the superbowl and jimmie johnson won 2 yrs in a row.(which i predicted)
personaly i thinkthe car of tomorow is going to help the sport. it will prevent one team from having an advantage, not it will be more up to the driver/team to win the race and not the car.even tho the teams with the mor money will still have a advantage but it may make it a little more fun to watch. and as for toyota. they are the only car (in nascar) thats actualy built in America. besides, show me on difference between a toyota nascar and a chevy nascar, the logo? they are all so close to the same car there is not much point in arguing brands.
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