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ower God is so great and so awsome i mean u look out side and u think how dose this all work how can so many people belive we just came to being its crazy ower God the one and only God is great i have came so far from so little and i just want to give it back to u God ok when i was like i dont 8 my house brunt to th ground nothing left not vary nice house i mean the roof was caving in and my only parent with 8 kids in the house all by the same man and she somtime did not have money to put food on the table then out of this we got a not a new house but a nice home what we are in today and now we have the internate and tv and ower own room we are just blessed we go to a christian privet school and i got my own bow and shotgun and quiver and its just so awsome and iam only 13 going on 14 in a feb. and i just wanted to tell some of u there is always hope i love u guys please use this as a uplefter in your day tomarrow there is always hope
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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