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Wow...Texas buck

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Got this pic and story in an e mail today. Pretty impressive deer

This deer came off the King Ranch.

Awesome Deer..... is one of the biggest we have ever seen.

inside spread: 34 inches

beams: 32 inches each

G1: 10 inches ea

G2: 14 in. ea

& nbsp;

G3: 15 in. ea

G4: 11 in. ea

mass: 45 inches

droptine: 7 inches

We have him grossing around 243 and netting 224 typical. The deer field dressed 228lbs!!!!! One of the biggest we have ever seen.

Justin Field
King Ranch Wildlife


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I've seen this picture before (about a 2 years ago) but never got the story...very nice deer for sure
It was a muley with a very unique rack. Still a nice buck.
Muley???? That sure looks like a whitetail to me. One heck of a nice one at that! I wonder what the real story is.
It was a muley with a very unique rack. Still a nice buck.
The biologist reported the score as "typical". Maybe there is more to the story, but it does look whitetail to me. Maybe it is one of those Hybrid deer.
I realize that deer come in all kinds of shades and their tails are never alike but I think that the deer does resemble a whitetail to me....and even his tail does too....????? who knows lol
the rack and body proportions says whitetail, but the color and lack of throat patch says mulie. wonder if its one of those mix dealies?
Besides big ears and no throat patch when was the last time you saw a whitetail with a crew cut?:confused:
The ears appear to be normal whitetail size to me and the fact that it's lacking a throat patch doesn't mean it can't be a whitetail,
It's rare but there are whitetails without the white throat patch..
Here's a pic of a Whitetail with no throat patch
I personally think it looks more whitatail than Muley BUT it's hard to say with just this one picture.
If I remember correctly the buck was shot/died? about 4 years ago and was not allowed in the record books because of being MOSTLY mulie. It indeed was a cross breed from a high fence ranch that escaped. The two biggest problems with all of this is first my memory and second being an internet buck that has been around for quite some time. As with all things the story changes over years on the web. Hey don't think for a moment that I would not let the air out of him if given the chance. With a buck like that who cares---------NICE BUCK!!! I do remember there was a lot of controversy over this buck.
It looks to me to be a hy-bred buck. I see both whitetail and muley in it. It would be tough to place it in a normal record book most likely a third catagory hy-breds or maybe mutails:bag:.
I agree with you HM, MUTAILS...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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