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Would anyone recommend Garmin Etrex GPS?

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Would anyone recommend Garmin Etrex GPS? Or anything else with the cost below $100? Or above $100? Or is the only right way to get to that spot by Map and Compass?
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I know a lot of hunters that use the Etrex, I would tell anyone looking to buy one to go for it.
Good Luck!
Ive had one for about 5 years. Remember to always have a compass and map as a backup. GPS is an extremely usefull tool for hunting. I would not however buy another e-trex. I would spend a wee bit more and get one with maps that you can pull up. Also when you name a waypoint the e-trex only gives you 6 spots for letters. Some places thats enough, some its not. Then you have to abreviate. Those 2 disadvantages arent huge but would make me wait another week or 2 and for another 50, get one with the better features. Feeding times come in handy on the Garmin thats 1 step up from e-trex my boss has but I forget the model.
If you can wait till after Thanksgiving I would wait. I am hearing that the prices of all gps are suppose to tank on "Black Friday" due to the fact of the iphone and blackberry gps applications. Supposedly garmin and tomtoms low end units will be about $50 and $70. They will work there way up from that price but are suppose to show deep discounts.

I can see why they (handheld gps companies) are getting worried. I can just use a gps on my blackberry and not have to have another small gadget to carry around.
Oh yeah. Black Friday. I need a gps.
Yeah, I bought Etrex on Amazon already for $75 in order to be able to use it during my scouting and during the hunts. I must say that it is possible to buy it now on for $76, and if you get a better deal after the Thanksgiving, you could kindly return it to Walmart. I never had any issues with them about returns with a receipt.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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