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i put new batteries in one of my moultrie cameras the other day and put it in my pack in the truck to hang after work. well I went to take it out of the pack and the thing was hot, not warm but HOT. tried to turn it on and nothing. brought it home and popped the back and the wrapping on the duracells was peeled back. so i put some half dead batteries in it and 10 mins later hot again. anyway lucky it didn't catch fire and burn my truck down. so if you put new batteries in keep an eye on it for a while.

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I had the same issue with a Cuddeback. Put new batteries and left in on the floor in the back of the truck. I went to hang the thing and it would not turn on. I opened the battery compartment to find the springs that touch the batteries had melted through the plastic housing and pushed away from the battery. Very close to a fire in my opinion.
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