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Hey all, I'm new to this forum and I really enjoy deer hunting! Since I was little I began building my life around the ability to deer hunt; self employed(for time), flying(for scouting and learning deer movements), and now I'm building forestry mowing equipment(to keep the hunting property in nice order).:rolleyes: Come to think of it my wife has a keen nose on her:wacko:. Well any ways I would like to get you guys to tell me what you think about my newest attachment. If your local equipment rental place had one would you rent it to take care of your property? Thanks forestry mowing/tree trimming - YouTube:thumbup:
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Sorry, but I don't have any property to take are of - mostly just hunt on public land. Good luck with your planning.
would help on lease alot. the only other thing I would need is for it to be able to attach right in front of the bobcat to get down pine rows.With it being side cut I could not get between the rows. Also will it cut grass to keep roads clear?
Thanks onehorse. Hellbilly it's made to swing for that very reason so you can put it where you want it. As for grass cutting it does ok unless real thick, not really designed for that, Thanks
That looked a lot easier than my chain saw :thumbup:
You right! And if you pay someone $100 an hour and you want them to cut 18 ft high(3 passes) it will cost you a nickel a foot. That's 5 bucks per 100 ft:shocking:
Works kind of like an offset Fecon. In the vid the road shoulder is level and flat. Alot of access roads don't have the flat shoulders and I would be a little weary on having the arms raised high with the offset in uneven conditions.
Kinda but keep in mind that the cutter has a tilt so you can shift some of the weight to the left or right and it weighs a lot less than a fecon head. also most of the time you dont need to go that high to get normal clearance down hunting roads:smile:. But I see your concern, thanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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