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Wisconsin hunters

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:thumbup::thumbup:Who all here is from Wisconsin
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Almost a WI hunter...

My son and I parked in Wisconson and walked north a mile into Minnesota this last weekend for the opener. Danburry is just over the boarder from the St Croix State Forest where we hunted.

Out of State costs

I would love to hunt next door in Wisconsin but they charge alot for out of State hunters to hunt Deer. I think it is currently 160.xx.

is that all Karl?? Out of state residents here in MO have to pay over $250 for an "any deer" tag. and I wish it was MORE
Out of state license fees

I know that this is a double edge sword but alot of different lodging/restarents etc stay open by serving those from out of State. My son is now at Iowa State and I was shocked that we can bring our lab down there when we stay overnight. The reason is that so many bird hunters go down there, and they have no problem with dogs in the motels. It just costs another 5 dollars a night. I know that I don't have alot of money anymore and I know that I will not be spending 160.xx plus fuel to drive one state over. If they want a bunch of us heading east from the MN Twin Cities area they may want to lover the cost of the license. I read that they have a problem with overpopulation of Deer in the northern half of the State.

Not quite sure why the excessive out of state licenses are so high. Tator, I don't understand the anti-out of state comment. Anyone in the USA should be able to hunt any state for a reasonable tag fee. Why the excessive tag cost desire?
This is just a speculation, but i believe that the higher tag cost has less to do with necessity or benefits for the DNR, but more as a limitation to prevent over crowding. basically if anyone from any state could go to another state and hunt for $5-$10 more ppl would start to see an over influx of people moving in. So yes Wisco does have overpopulation in some parts, but if too many outsiders come in an underpopulation is likely to happen. The same goes for any other state in theory. just my 2¢
I'm thinking 100.00-150.00 for an out of state tag would be fair. This is for deer hunting, animals such as elk oviously would require higher fees ect.
couldnt agree more with hm,let me give you an neighbors own 90 acres next to me and pay taxes in new york both county and school tax and are probably paying more than most locals yet there out of state license is around 250 for everything.thats ridiculous.why would anyone want out of state licenses to cost more.there bringing revenue to the economy and are hunting public land or with an outfitter.the attitude of wanting everything to cost more is killing the average hunter.some of these businesses in small towns count on the out of state revenue.dont understand why fellow hunters would want anything to be costly and like hm said you should be able to hunt anywhere in the us at a reasonable cost.
We live in a time of high user taxes..

I was thinking that we are constantly paying more and more for things that were at one time very inexpensive. One way States pay for their DNR departments is to charge out of State users a premium to share in the outdoor recreation in their State. I think that politicians find it an easy source of extra money. The people visiting don't vote in their State so they don't have to worry about backlash. I always wanted to take my sons out west Elk hunting to Idaho. I am lucky to have gone twice. I would be scared to find out what the license fee is currently for out of State hunters. I would complain about the Outfitter costs but atleast that is an entire industry employing many locals. States do make serious money from people coming into their State. I wish they could resist the urge to charge the high hunting fees but I guess we are stuck with them.

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