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Winchester Ranger 120 pump

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anyone know much about the Winchester Ranger 120 pump I am looking for a stock for my daughter I am told the 1200 & 1300 stocks will fit no matter what gauge but I am looking for a 6 position stock so she can adjust as she grows but am told they only fit the 12 Ga any ideas?
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Well bought a stock last night supposed to fit we will see
ended up getting a tactical set up darn kid is going to have a better looking arsenal then dad there goes the SR556 dad was going to order
will take pic's of the new guns when I get it set up
congrats on the new firearm purchases. I don't know anything about the Win Ranger line. Kids are spoiled on purpose! :thumbup:
HM I guess from what I am seeing it is like the 1st generation 1200
gun really shoots nice & smooth action & didn't look like it was shot much
I have my brother's model 1200. If my memory serves me, this was Winchester's first model following the great Model 12. It didn't turn out so well. It has a black finish alloy receiver, might be steel, but seems like the quality vs the model 12 just wasn't good. The 1200 I have now would be around a 1970 vintage gun, so what todays guns are like you have a better idea than me.
Well I must be wrong from what I have seen on this it was made in the 80's but sounded like it was produced before the 1200 I did call Winchester & the people did not know anything about it one finally looked it up & all he could tell me was it was a discontinued model
book says the 1200 was made 1964-1981. My book doesn't list the ranger 120 model under Winchester.
wow then I guess it is worth a LOT :yes: nobody seems to know much about these it actually looks just like the 1200 but has a corn cob foregrip

says on it Winchester Ranger model 120 20 ga 2 3/4 & 3"
what I found is it is not worth a lot $200 - $300 range
I did ok I paid less then the low end
all that really matters to me is she loves her new gun & will love it more when it fits her properly
you got it. Dad bought her a gun and that's all that matters.
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