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Winchester 88

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Karl & Turner, do you guys have any info regarding the 88 and scope mounting. I'm having trouble getting enough rear scope position to get proper head position. I've tried 4 different scopes of varing lengths/power and can't get one to set up correctly. The one piece Weaver base with only 2 scope cross bolt slots just doesn't give me enough reward scope travel. I know they put low x Weaver scopes on the 88 way back but for the life of me I don't see how they ever got a clear scope picture with the short scope tube lengths?? I tried a Pentax 13.4" scope and still comes up short. I do tend to set scopes back on my rifles but this one is giving me fits. I wonder if anyone makes extended bases for the 88 or 100 win models both fit. I may end up with a long eye relief shotgun scope 2x7x32 that will give me a full sight picture with 5" of relief. Right now just frustrated. I have a 70's Redfield 3x9x40 on it's way that I know isn't the answer either unless I can find some set back bases. There were a lot of Win 88's and 100 models with scopes, don't know what's up with me?
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Try a cross-check for Model 100 mounts

I don't have time here at work tonight to verify it but I would bet that the Winchester 88 and 100 use the same bases. I would check to see if anyone makes a picatini(sp) base for the model 100 that offers more options in scope ring placement. When these rifles were made alot of the scopes had long tubes with small objective bells or none at all. I too need to bring my scopes back for me to comfortable with them.

Karl they are the same mount. I'm thinking I just have to hunt for a long eye relief compact scope to make things work??? The 88 seems to beg for a low profile compact scope which I have and just tonight put on the Rem 870 a Redfield 1.75X5X20. I would like a bit more obj like 33-36mm. Natchez still has their Omega scopes on sale and the 1.65X5X36 bdc 250 for $129.00. It has the 5" eye relief. I'm thinking maybe something like this would solve all my problems. 5x for the 88 would be plenty of scope for it's intended purpose.
Let me know what you think about Omega scope

Yea I was pretty sure that both the 88/100 use the same base. I just thought that some makes of the aftermarket bases might not list it for the 88.

Brownels has an ext base for the 88/100

I looked and Brownels shows an ext base for your rifle made by Warne.
Its called the Maxima ext base. I would give them a call.

My M88 wears an M8 4X Leupold now and there's plenty of clearance for it. The M8 does have a pretty long tube though. Before that it had a low power Nikon with 20mm objective and it worked well with it too.

Midway also lists a base by EGW that's a picatinny style with several slots for rings.

Hope you've got it figured out!
Not yet. Looks like a long eye relief scope is the only answer. Very strange this 88 is trying to fit up a scope to me. Must be the stock configuration but really don't have a good answer. I was so hyped up with finally filling one of my long time dream rifles then giving me the most trouble scoping it. Good things come to those with patience I guess???? 2-3/4 to 3-1/5" eye relief scopes will not work for me on this rifle. I've now had 5 different scopes on it and still not right. None of the scopes were of the 5" relief type as I only have one and just installed it on the Omega. The Redfield was of no help today. Never having a 88 before, I didn't expect an issue as you can tell from my frustrational (probably not a word) posts, but better than getting wacked for swearing. Going to the range in the morning without it, for now.
Check the Nikon African series 1x4.5

I had alot of trouble scoping my Sako AV bolt action in 30-06. Nothing that I found had enough ring spacing. I needed atleast 6 inches, with lots of eye relief. The Nikon has a very long tube without an enlarged objective. The downside is that you only get around 15mm for the objective. It would be more of an issue if the scope had more power but with it up at 4.5 it is still nice and bright. There's two things that I note keeping it from being even better. The diameter of the rear of the scope is kinda large, bigger than my Leopold 1x5 VXIII. Also the scope cap has the shinny gold African Buffalo on it. I am going to contact them and try to buy a plain cap to swap it out. I love the german reticle that Nikon chose for this scope.

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