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will deer move if they don't need to?

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if a deer has a trustworthy water, food source, and bedding area in the same place will they still travel? or save their energy and stay on a few square acres?
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They will travel. Deer are social animals and need the companionship of other deer.
So what if there is a couple of deer together will they still roam?
Yes they will roam.. One place I hunt is 47 acres.. Plenty of deer use this land.. There is a big creek running through.. (reliable, never been dry) Lots of browse and food.. Thick cover.. Acorn trees.. You cant walk through those woods without jumping some beded down or finding old beds..

Even with everything they need those deer move across the street and up the ridge on the other side of the road. They move over the ridge (off the 47 acres) on the backside and hang out over there as well. Their gonna move and 2 square acres isnt enough for them to strecth their legs.

And yes most of the time this is doe groups (2 or 3) doing all this traveling..
I agree with BF. You may see the same deer everyday on your 47 but they are going off it everyday too
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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