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They wreak havoc among the animals of the area, both domestic and wild…
They do considerable damage to the environment…
They are a scourge wherever they proliferate…
They pass diseases to livestock…
In short, they provide…

… Good Trophies for Hunters...

Before going after those tusks, let us go back two hundred years in history, to the times of our Founding Fathers.

They introduced domestic pigs for food. And the pigs were good and provided tasty meat as expected or just roamed the adjacent fields, happily waiting for the day of their point of no return from the kitchen.

Then, something went wrong.

Pigs concluded that another point of no return would be more pleasant, so they escaped from the farms and ran wild. Nevertheless, they returned to the farms, occasionally. Not only did they become feral, but also turned against their former owners:
• damaging crops
• carrying diseases
• contaminating fresh water sources
• and killing domestic animals
And since they breed twice a year, their populations grew exponentially, despite the high mortality rate (do the calculations yourself: nine piglets per litter, two litters per year; a sow just one year of age can have offspring, so do the math).
Now, let us come back to 21st century.

Of course, pigs did not lose their good manners. They are just as annoying today as in the times of our founding fathers. Sometimes, they are more than annoying. Sows become aggressive while weaning. When preparing a day of hunting, a good hunter should keep in mind that charging boars could be mortally dangerous.

Shooting time!

Some generally good choices for wild boar hunting:

• .30 Winchester
• .44 Magnum
• .30-06

Some hunters prefer shotguns, others like to hunt with bow and arrows or revolver. If you use a shotgun, then a 12 gauge will be your only choice.

The relatively small vital areas make it difficult to hit a good shot to the heart and lungs of the wild pig. Besides, wild boars have tough skin a couple of inches thick.

Aim at:
• The neck (easiest shot, especially broadside, because of its large area)
• Lungs and Heart (see the red spot in the image)
• Spine

• Rear-end shots
Happy hunting! And remember to share with us the pictures of those trophies!
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