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Wild Blue internet?

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Any of ya'll folks use this internet service? This is one of my only options at my new house just curious if you or someone you know are happy with it.
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I haven't ever heard of it. I am currently using VZ wireless but plan on switching to Charter.
never heard of it i got time warner road runner *beep beep*
nope never heard of it, I have Buckeye cable
We USED to have Wild Blue.........but we wern't at all happy with seemed rather slow........we just didn't like it.
That's what we are only able to get here too and we do use Wildblue. I'm happy with the speed and downloading ability but there aren't any "papertrails" with this company so you have to remember to keep up with your account and all that cuz the won't send bills to you. Also, if you have a problem with any technical issues their tech. dept. isn't the greatest. I guess that it's a fairly new company and they are still working out the kinks but it's been working well for me so far. If you need anymore info Buck just send me a PM whenever and I'll try my darndest to help you out.
Oh Yeah, being a satellite signal receiving service you can lose signal on a rainy day.
Thanks lady and gentlemen. I'll pm you timber.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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