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why wont my muzzleoader scope fine tune

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hey i got a triumph and and nikon scope and i cant seem to get it to shoot a concistent group does anyone have any suggestions thanks
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i am still new to muzzle loading, but have you already found the powder and bullet combination that your gun likes best? did the accuracy problems start before or after you dropped it?
The gun fell 4 1/2 feet see previous thread posts.
Send the scope back to Nikon, let them check it out for you.
P.S. hurry up and send it before hunting season rolls around.
muzzloading can be frusrating.first you nedd to shoot the same load everytime,second you must make sure you seated the charge and bullet the same everytime.third you should clean the barrell after each shot when sighting in.also you need to be shooting from a steady rest/bags ,sled.This is a time consuming process that most people rush.What is the charge and bullet combo?try backing down if you are shooting the full 150 grains.when i got mine the first thing i did was load it to the max shots went everywhere then it started to hurt,a big NO NO.i backed down to a 100 grains and my problems were solved.I would also suggest shooting from 25 yrd just to get your groups together then move out to 50 then 100 yrds.Have you tried shooting without the scope and just the iron sights?if your getting groups without the scope its the scope.try to eliminate all the variables(remeber algabra?)good luck and get back to the range.
Sound advise from Joel: Work out the variables.

Try 250 gr Shockwaves with 2-50 gr pellets of 777 for a possible effective bullet/charge combo. They align to the Omega's well but I never shot a triumph. You may be flinching if shooting at 150 gr.

Let the barrel cool before shots. Swab with barrel with a wet and dry patch. Do not count the first shot assuming your barrel is squeky clean as that may be a flyer.
Good post above.. 100 gr of 777 and a shockwave made very good groups out of my set-up. Which is a triumph with a nikon scope. The shockwaves are tough to load but very consistent.
Do not count the first shot assuming your barrel is squeky clean as that may be a flyer.

Really? So it would be a good idea to shoot the muzzleloader before hunting with it?? Sorry to hijack, but i never heard this before, and need to know to be prepared for season...
same is true with a rifle. If you sight it in with a clean barrel they will, sometimes, shoot differently with a dirty barrel. I always use a fouling shot before sighting in. Not to mention there could still be residue in the barrel from cleaning which could change even where a clean barrel would hit.
If you do not have the opportunity to foul up your MZ barrel prior to deer season then fire off a cap or 2 which can help also. This is what I do as the shooting range is far away for me. I usually take my MZ out in mid Sept-Oct for my last sighting in session and clean it and rack it until the season starts then snap some 209 primers the night before MZ opens.
The other reason for snapping a cap is to help in case there is any moisture in the barrel from sitting. Because I use black powder, I leave the rifle outside due to condensation forming. I do discharge it and clean it every night. Firing a couple of pans of powder works for me then load it and go. I always shoot my guns prior to hunting. Most times its a couple of shots at camp, just in case something is wrong. This wouldn't be possible for some to do. I also go to the range usually in Sept/Oct to do general sight ins.
Good point on the moisture/black powder. This is what this forum is exactly designed to do: Flow out ideas and thoughts so everyone can share and learn from seasoned hunters.
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