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Who's Who in march madness bracket??

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Ok several of our sign-ups its easy to figure out who they are by their member name, but some are not. Since we are giving away something I kinda need to know who each one is.

If your name is obvious to us here by your dhc member name than you dont even have to bother with a reply. If its different please help me out.

Im buckfever30
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rQQt9s <a href="">fvbnlbjmvweb</a>, nslaxpskaqzz, [link=]wegysgqtgumf[/link],
I gave an alias (Sam Evans) on the espn board. I really don't like giving my name out, but will if needed here. :bye:

ZvdOkO <a href="">kfkteubyksiy</a>, fpmgoqsekuyp, [link=]kzfqifmrkgye[/link],
I stuck with my ESPN username since i used my BB entry. Entry name is md13jay1.
I used a new user name not thinking (11pt or Better).

SDS and Texas let me down, they both choked in the end.:yucky:
I used a new user name not thinking (11pt or Better).

SDS and Texas let me down, they both choked in the end.:yucky:
So your the one that was smoking us in the early rounds!!! :biggrin:

And yes I was screamin at the tv during both the games you referred to.. They benefited me greatly!!
Well there could be some big changes in our top three based on everyones picks for todays match-ups. :lol: This should be pretty fitting! Keep the upsets coming!
How about my Spartans!!! almost gave me a heart attack though. First they take my tuition money and in return they give me grey hairs.
saw a report that out of all the espn bracket folks 12 haven't missed but that was earlier today also said it was the worse year for upsets in history.
Im not seeing the posts on the espn board today for some reason so I will try to answer your question here ron..

ppr is the total number of possible points you can win if you made the correct guess on every remaining game.

Thats why you will notice mine is very low. I have no chance of winning now compared to someone that did not pick a kansas or a wisconsin to make it to the championship game.
bennyv is on his way to a clean win...
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