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We have a hunting operation in Fulton and Schuyler counties, in the heart of The Golden Triangle in Illinois. We have a 20,000 square foot lodge that is 100% handicap accessible. The upstairs where the bunks are have seven showers (all private showers with doors the lock), seven toilets (also with doors that lock), and seven vanities. The bunk area upstairs has 34 beds, most of the the bunk rooms have 2 beds in each room, there is two rooms that have 4 beds in them. The lodge also has a restaurant style kitchen, a dining area, a lounging area with a couple couches and chairs. There is also a game room with a pool table, dart board, and poker table. There is also a big handicap bed room, restroom, and shower with a shower chair. We also have a 7 lane 20 yard archery range, and a locker room to store all of your hunting clothes so that they can stay as scent free as possible. We also have our own skinning and butchering area to dress your trophy.

When you book a hunt lodging is included with the price and in certain weeks your dinner meal is also included. We do not provide breakfast or lunch, but we do have what we call our Continental Room that has two glass enclosed shelves, a refrigerator/freezer, toasters, and a microwave to store your items in.

The weeks and prices are as follows:

Week 1 - Arrive Oct. 17, 2012 Hunt Oct 19, 2012 - October 24,2012 Depart Oct 25, 2012 --------- $1400
Week 2 - Arrive Oct 25,2012 Hunt Oct 27 - Oct. 31 Depart Nov. 1 2012-----$1900
Week 3 - Arrive Nov 1 Hunt Nov 3 - Nov 7 Depart Nov 8 --------$2495
Week 4 - Arrive Nov 8 Hunt Nov 10 - Nov 14 Depart Nov 15 ------$2495
Week 5 - !st shotgun season - Arrive Nov 14 Hunt Nov 16 - Nov 18 Depart Nov 19 ----- $2495
Week 6 Thanksgiving week (possible hunts)
Week 7 - 2nd Shotgun Season - Arrive Nov 27 Hunt Nov 29 - Dec 2 Depart Dec 3 ------ $2495
Week 8 - Muzzleloader only season - Arrive Dec. 5 Hunt Dec 7 - Dec 9 Depart Dec 10 ------ $2350
Week 9 - Late Season Archery Arrive Dec 10 Hunt Dec 12 - Dec 18 Depart Dec 19 ----- $1900

As you can see we have you arriving 2 days prior to your official hunt dates, If you arrive early enough on your arrival date we will get you into a stand and you can start hunting, which will give you a 6 1/2 day hunt instead of a 5 day hunt. Keep in mind that goes only for the archery weeks. If you book a gun week we still have you arriving 2 days prior, but your hunt date is your hunt date. The State of Illinois only allows a 3 day, a 4 day, and another 3 day for the gun seasons, but when you arrive we will show you around, and show you where you are going to hunt that way when your hunt date arrives you will know where to go.

Our hunts are semi-guided meaning a guide will show you where you are going to hunt, then you are responsible to get to and from your hunting spot. If you haven't had any luck after a couple of days we will get you moved to a different spot. If providing you harvest a trophy a guide will assist you in retrieving your deer.

For more information please go to TimberTall Outdoors.
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