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whisker biscuits and fletching

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I use a whisker biscuit on my bow. I was curious if anyone else uses the same could help me out with some flething ideas. Size, type, accuracy? Thanks everybody
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sorry dont use one .i hear those things are tough on the vanes so i would guess you would need something rigid maybe smaller too so theres less contact/Not sure though
One of the guys at my local shop told me that a Whisker Biscuit will tear or at least wrinkle the standard 4" fletching on any arrow. I can certainly attest to that. Per his suggestion, I've switched to 2" Blazer vanes. I sense that I've lost a little speed, since the Blazer arrows don't penetrate my target as deeply, but I'm not refletching arrows after 5 shots. A tradeoff I'm willing to make.
get a fall away

don't get me wrong. The whisker biscut is a great product for someones first yr of bow hunting. They're easy to use, cheaper and you don't have to worry about your arrow slipping when the big one shows his face and you get all jittery. What I don't believe about them and no matter what anyone tells me or what I read. You can't tell me that they don't affect arrow flight. it's impossible that they dont in some manner. If you've got a year under your belt, it's time to upgrade. I use a fall away rest. You've got to be ontop of your game a little more but they really are the best. Once you master one you'll be happy. The only time I'd ever use one is carp fishing, no way on any kind of big game or league shooting
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