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Which trail camera to buy my husband for Christmas?

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He has been wanting one of these for a long time. I did some research, I assume IR is best, but not sure about how many pictures it takes and things like that, I want one that takes an SD card which I am sure most do. I heard Moultrie is best, but all of the reviews I read say they stop working after a few months

So post up what you have and your experiences, and how much you paid (I want to try to stay under $350)

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Wow thanks so much for the fast reply,I will check that out for sure!

Here are two I found that I was considering as well

Moultrie's Game Spy I-65 Game Camera Features Truly Invisible Infrared Technology

Moultrie I-60 Infrared Game Camera
Yea I read the review on a website for the covert, the only thing it said was the flash range could be a bit longer but that was the only con, and the quality of night pictures was bad, but I have no clue where he would put it or how far it would need to take pictures. Is there a step above the one you have that might be a bit better?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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