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I love Hastings barrels, I've had a 24" cantilever scope mount on my 870 for 18 years. Hastings is out of business, but I'm absolutely sure it had nothing to do with making bad products, there are a million different scenarios about why, but I was buying a lot of Hastings barrels at an online auction and selling them online, I bought and sold a ton of 'em. All gone now, sold the very last one(same barrel as mine)that I was saving for a spare, let a good friend talk me out of it last deer season. And SGreve, I've been round and round with you about this slug deal, only then you said you were building a 20 gauge? Anyway, stick with the Remington, there are reasons why that Moss. barrel is that much cheaper.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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