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Wheres all the real videos

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Wheres the videos of real hunting not all the canned hunts you see on t.v. Like people who are happy to harvest any deer not just trophy racked bucks.thanks guys
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I have wanted to make some videos of a few hunts this season. Maybe if I save up a little money I can buy me a digital camera. Usually my buddy is in the stand with me and we take turns taking shots so one of us could be filming. If I ever pull it off I will definately post it and don't worry, I doubt I will run into one of those monsters that ya see on TV all of the time.
I got a buddy just getting into the video hunts. They just got their first doe on camera on their 2nd hunt. When they get it added and such I am going to add it on here so folks like you that like watching regular ol boys can check it out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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