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When will I learn?!?!?!?!

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I left on the 4 wheeler at about 145 to go on an afternoon hunt knowing with the mixed precip that weve been having lately was adding up. Well I go to the creek crossing where the water is up about 3 ft more than normal. I said "Ah, better go back and go the other route. Well my inner child said "heck no man do it it'll be fun. So I did it, well I tried to do it and I ended up "walking the 4 wheeler out of just below waist deep rushing water. Man it started to float a little and go downstream so I bailed off and started the fishing process. Well I got home had to drain the belt drive compartment and waddle in the house and dry off. I do recall being a young kid doing the same thing many times. Anybody else have any adventurous mishaps they'd like to share, let's here em.
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:lol::lol::lol: Inner kid working on ya huh. Wish i would have been there with a video camera.

As far as a story that involves a creek. We were camping and around 2 to 3 am i decide im bored and am going to take the tractor for a spin. I drove around a few different places and decided to head back. I kept driving back and forth looking for the area we cross the creek. (not a big creek, water is always low) Well i could not find it so decided to create my own path. Once i was in the middle of creek and realized the bank was to steep on the other side i decide to back it out. the back light was out so i turned my blinkers on trying to see where to go everytime they flashed. it did not work to well. so i decide to cruise down the creek till i find a better spot. i started getting into a bunch of jagged big creek rock and decided it best to just quit for the night. jump in the water, wade out and freeze the rest of the night. everybody is horse laughin me upon my return. we go back the next morning and im not 10 yds from where the main crossing was. i had to have drove past it 5 times.
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Yeah I got one for ya.

I had a treestand on my uncles 500 acre woodlot. It was positioned on a pipeline that was about 75 feet wide. I was walking to my stand , on snow, which was about a half mile down the pipeline, one morning, just before daylight.

Just as I could start to see a bit I was about 3 or 4 hundred yards from my stand, I noticed the figure of a rather large deer standing broadside in the middle of the pipeline. I didn't have a scope so I couldn't tell if it was a buck or not.

We just stared at each other for what seemed to be an eternity. After 5 minutes or so I let my curiosity get the best of me. I decided to walk slowly to see if I could get closer. I got closer alright, but I should have stayed put and let the sun come up.

Oh well, the deer which I was sure was one of the bigger bucks in the area, decided I was getting to close, and decided to skip off. When I got to where he was standing I saw from its' tracks that it was a nice buck.

Well no stand today, I took after him. I had continuosly jumped him but never had a good shot. About 2 or 3:00 pm he led me to the brook that ran through my uncles property. The brook was to wide for me to jump across, but not for the buck.

The ice wasn't all that thick as I soon found out. Down I go into about 4 1/2 feet of ice cold water. Now I'm pissed. I get across the brook and I take after him again, and I swore to myself I was going to get him, for this.

As luck would have it in the back portion of my uncles lot it was all clearcut. I am hot on his trail because I am wet and cold. I was about 3 or 400 yards from the clearcut, which was where the buck was headed, and me too, when I heard 3 or 4 shots coming from the clearcut.

I proceeded to get to the clearcut and noticed a person standing right in the middle of the clearcut, dressed completely in flouresent orange, with a nice 9 pointer laying at his feet.

I proceeded to walk up to him and tell him thanks for putting an end to my day, and that I had been on that buck since daybreak.

He said he could tell. when he first noticed the buck he was standing just inside of the timberline, and he was real nervous, as he kept looking behind himself.

Well to make a long story short the kid was only 19 years old and was home on leave from the service. It was his first deer. He didn't even have a knife on him to dress it out, so I told him I would dress him out and help him drag it out. And I did.

I got warmed up then LOL.

The buck dressed out about 210. I saw him again the following weekend. Yup you guessed it, right back in the middle of the clearcut.

Funny how things go sometimes.

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our bow season runs through primitive and gun seasons.on opening morning my wife and i pull into the drive of an old farm( that the owners who had moved to town some yrs back had given us permision to hunt)to see 2 strange pickups parked.we talked it over and decided to go ahead and hunt after all there was plenty of room and we were bow hunting on the west side of the property they surely would be on the east. we headed to my wifes stand first it was the closest to the truck and i like to make sure she gets into her stand ok.but when we got there her stand was gone! I am instantl mad I sent her back to the truck and told her to lock uo and call the owners and the law I took off to my stand and it was gone also! even madder now I stomp through the woods heading towards the west determined to find me a couple of guys!as I get to a draw I see hunter orange sitting on the ground so I slow my approach and ease up behind the guy about 10yrds from him I see him get his gun ready I gues he thought I might be a deer I rushed around the tree with my bow raised up like a club!man his eyes got big he asked me who I was and what I was doing at the same time I was asking him the same thing.he said this is my uncles place I told him that I had permission to hunt here and where was my stands?we got it all figgured out his uncle had failed to tell him that he had given me permision to hunt also. you can bet I wont hunt anyone down again with a bow durring gun season thuogh!I shook in my boots after I calmed down!
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Did you ever find your stands Dennis???

Did you ever find your stands Dennis???
yes he brought them back to my house the next day we both had a good laugh about the whole thing we may even get together next spring to clear out some shooting lanes and put up some permanint shooting houses.maybe a friend ship started?:yes:
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