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in our areas the abundance of acorns will always draw deer in, so for us the acorns are the better areas to begin hunting around.
when scouting you should always look for the best food sources in your area sometimes it might be the acorns or beechnuts or hickory nut or sometimes apples is what they seek or whatever your area produces best.
it might not even be a forest food source it might be a farmers corn field or bean field or some other crop,, this is why scouting is important.. During the scout you'll find tracks telling you the direction the deer are headed in,, sometimes it isn't easy because deer eat all the above foods and it's easy to find tracks in all them areas but several scouting trips should help to show which areas are visited more than the others. It's all about narrowing the action down to the hot spots, hotspots are the areas deer are most comfortable in, there's deer everywhere but if you can locate a hotspot then you've done some good scouting..

good luck and be sure to post pics when you tag it... :w00t:
very well said bruce
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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