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whats a good compound bow stand?

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well im tired of my crossbow... frankly i hate using it because i feal like im cheating... so im working with my compound bow again... now i have a cheapo 80$ ladder tree stand from walmart, but its still a nice stand and all and i enjoy using it, however it has a shooting rest installed on it and tomarrow im going to the woods to spin it around to the other side of the tree im on and im going to take the shooters rest off, and im going to try to shoot my bow while im out in the stand to see if its able to be done... also i would like some sugestions of a nice treestand thats perfect for compound bow hunting.

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Can't go wrong with a fixed Gorilla stand. The King Kong hang on is quiet and very roomy and only $90 at Cabelas. The 2" thick seat is very comfy and has lasted me 7 seasons!!! I feel much safer perched up 18-20 feet in a larger stand. Say 24"-30", the larger the stand the heavier to put up is also a consideration to think about. I have a fireman's harness that enables me to use both hands to screw in steps. I also have a Rivers Edge fixed stand that came with a removable gun rest. It makes a little bit of noise when it gets really cold out though.
I think the best stand is a Millenium lock on. It is kind of pricy but very roomy nice sturdy stand its what i shoot out of. But you cannot go wrong with a lock on very quiet and easy to set up.
I agree the milenium lock ons are very nice. We have two. They have a chain and bracket set up that allow you to put the chain on and then put the actual stand on it. These brackets also allow you to easily remove the stand or to move it somewhere else. We have several brackets set up in different spots so we can take them down and move them to wherever we want to hunt. They are easy to hang and light to carry and very comfortable. I could be the spokes person for them, I love them. They also recently came out with a climbing stand but I havent sat in one yet and I already have two climbing stands so I wont be buying one of those.
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