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what yall fellers do for a living?

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yea maybe im bored but just curious as to what kind of jobs our members work at.

me i work at a bridgestone tire plant in morrison, tennessee. if you have ever noticed my profile it says i am a brainless laborer. :wacko:
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I'm a Baptist preacher. I have worked as a land surveyor over the years.
Well I wish i was a pro staffer for Cabelas.......but in reality I work at Washington State University and manage the Surplus operation. We have monthly public sales and auctions and also sell stuff to state agencies and non profit organizations.
I work in the wharehouse of a local beer distributor here in Wisconsin and ironically I dont drink.
i work @ bellsouth in murfreesboro tn.:wallbash: working on being a perfecinal hunting guied.:biggrin:
I play playstation for a living. Well, that's what my older brother thinks. ;]

No, I help build and maintain websites. Dream job, stay at home, no boss, and suck down rolaids to help with the stomach pains caused by google search rank fluctuation.
I'm a programmer / data analyst for the Tennessee Hospital Association based in Nashville, TN.

I also do a little programming & website development on the side :wink:
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