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what would you guys do

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i keep thinking about my vehical situation and not being happy with it.
i Drive an 06 kia spectra:bag:. its not a bad little car. gets me from point A to B, gets desent gas mileage. only times im realy unhappy with it is when it snows, durring deer season when i find myself thinking, if i shoot one today how the heck am i gona get it home, when i want a truck to move something, and when someone cuts me off and i cant help but think... bet that would not have happend if i was in a lifted truck, not this lil car. or if i want to take the kids up some old class 6 road and go camping or something like that. ya i know thats alot of buts.

My wife drives an 07 Ford Fusion AWD, fully loaded with leather and all. i drive it whenever it snows, but that cant keep happening cause that leaves her and the kids traped at the house.

I also have my bronco II, but that is stricktly off road. it dont even pretend to be street legal. it needs to get trailerd any were i want to go with it. usualy just to Vermonster. (big mud truck show). i have friends who are more than willing to tow it to the show for me in exchange for letting them ride with me derring the competition. but other than that the truck stays put in my driveway. i would love to be able to tow it on my own.

So hear are my options.. Trade in the kia for a smaller Truck or SUV with a 6 cyl . like a tacoma, Ranger, or Jeep. any of those could tow my bronco, but it would not do it as well as a full size truck. it would get desent gas mileage, but not as good as my car. and i would not need to barrow my wife car durring bad wether, and i would not find myself saying if only i had a truck.
Keep the kia, and buy a fullsized 3/4 or 1 ton Truck. then i would never have comprimize. the kia would get the great gas mileage to and from work. and the big truck could tow my bronco with ease, and do all things "truck". i could drive it durring snowstorms, durring hunting season. and whatnot. and who cares if that big V8 sucks down the gas cause it my only do a few 100 miles a year. only down sides to this option are... i would need a 4 car drive way, insted of having one car payment for my small truck option i would still have the kia payment pluss the truck payment. and i would still find myself getting mad when i get cut off by other cars and trucks wile driving my car.
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never mind i was having a talk with a friend of mine who owns a 4wd shop and though the talk i made my own mind up.
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