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Hmm I have mixed thoughts on this so bear with me.. Never really thought about this topic.. I'll mull it over as I type!!

In TN I would say go ahead and take the deer of your choice. Reason being there are a great number of deer here. Being in NH like you are I dont know? The main thing I would be concerned about is the area being over hunted.

Reason I am kinda topsy turvy on this topic is because of the "rut factor" on deer. Several of those 5 bucks could have been just passing through. For example me and bro-in-law just shot 2 bucks within 30 mins of each other on his 47 acres. Neither one of us had seen these 2 bucks before. (nor his wife) I believe these bucks we shot were just passing through. They see deer (bucks and does) on a daily basis just because they also live on this spot of land.

They have a ton of does on their land. Thats why I will hunt there during the rut time of year if I am looking for a decent buck. Its a great way to catch bucks making their rounds hunting for a hot doe. Those bucks dont call this land "home" per say but happened to make a run through there hunting for some hot does.

I guess basically what I am trying to say is if it is rut season and your 100 acres houses a lot of does than I would spend some time there. (as long as it hasnt been over hunted) How long ago were those bucks taken? Early season (pre rut)? Rut season? What were they? Yearlings? Etc.?

Body Bag I dont know if I agree with what your saying. "If a doe is in heat she will draw bucks in and if they like your 100 you will have him next year"

What do ya'll other hunters think? I think the buck will return home after he has done his rutting. I dont think he will top a rise of a hill and say. "wow this 100 acres looks nice, I think I will stay here." Granted he may relocate sometime or other as he matures and becomes more cautious to his surroundings but once he has matured and grown up I think his home base will stay that way until he is pushed out. Another words if the buck is rutting than hot doe is all thats on his mind. Finding a new home is not.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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