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okay im starting this thread so i can see who has what bow and what they like and dislike about them because in the future im gona buy another bow and keep my old one as a back up...

here is my set up
-Fred Bear speed cam compound bow (there is no tittle on it ANYWHERE!!!)- 50-70lb pull i have it set to 63 (my sweet spot)- 27-31 inch pull adjustment (set at 29 my other sweet spot)
-string whiskers
-metal release clip (so much better then that little string hookup)
-Z-coil stabilizer
-VDT velocity drop away arrow rest (in my opion the absolute best arrow rest, even better then whisker biskets)
-Tru Glu 3 pin Fiber Optic sight.

thats my compound bow set up

my crossbow is
Horton Yucon Sl - 175lb pull i beleive
Horton 100 yard 5 line scope
Horton easy pull string

i will be posting pictures soon enough of both my crossbow and compound bow

okay, here is what i think of my bow... honestly i love it do death, i have shot other bows in the process of looking for a secondary bow... iv shot high countrys, browning, mathews, and about any other brand on the market and i still prefer my bow over all of them... no of them feal right its like my bow was designed by me for me (kinda is considering i did all the work on it myself and all the add ons), so honestly in my opinion there is no rival bow to this. im a true fred bear fan and love them with all my hunting heart!!!

so please post your set up, comment on my set up and i will do the same for you... im always open for more sugestions on setting up a bow too

those are pics of my bow

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I shoot a Parker Trailblazer XP. Not a top of the line but it shoots like a dream. Drop away rest, peep sight and tru glo sights. It is set at 65 lbs w/ 28 inch draw length. Never measured speed but it shoots a hundred times faster than my last bow (Jennings Carbon Extreme, 1989). Like you, I shot a bunch of different bows. I liked bow tech. I think Mathews is over-rated. It all boils down to feel. Technology has leveled the playing field dramatically. Bear makes some nice bows, I almost bought one. Good luck.

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I use a Mathews Switchback bow I ever shot!:yes:

I use a wisker bisquit, Easton Axis arrows and Muzzy 100's. My firends call me a wuss because my bow is set at 58lbs. It sure works for me though, I had a clean passthrough on my big buck on Nov 5th...see my "the decoys worked!!!" thread:thumbup:
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