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What to do?

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Here's my deal, last week I'm scouting in my woods and halfway into it I'm crossing paths with a bear, he was about 100 ' away but I had to turn around and head home. Has anyone here haad this situation? What would/have you do? I want to hunt his year I just don't want to be the one hunted. Obviously, I am new to this but how can I avoid the bears until they hibernate for winter? Thanx!
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Heh, I see what you're saying about wanting to be the hunter, not the prey!

We don't have many bears where I'm at, so have 0 advice to give, other than "play dead".
My first thought is- "When's bear season?

My second thought is- "What are you using for a sidearm?"

My third thought is- "What a rush that must have been, and did you have any candy in your pockets?"

In all seriousness though, do you have a partner to go hunting with you and I would recommend doing a lot of research on the type of bear and their habits.
in general bears wont bother you but if they do try to look as big as possible. I also live in bear country and see them all the time and if you can't scare it away by doing that, shoot a warning shot into the air.
Thanx !

Thanx!, I think it's time to go gun shopping! Have you ever heard of " Bear Bells" if so do you know anyone who have actually used them? Thanks again for the advise.
where I live it's not the bears you need to worry about we are getting more and more wolves here.
Where I'm hunting now the main predators other than man are coyoties and a few lions.They say there are a few bears left but I've never seen a track much less a bear.I have seen plenty of yotes and a few years ago a lion passed within 50yds of me going along the edge of a thicket and I let him walk.It paid off because right at last light a buck stepped out and started workin the scrape I was watchin.I dropped him in his scrape.A nice 8pt.Don't let any animal keep you out of the woods.Just be vigilant and defend yourself if you have to.From what I've heard the big old boars and the young cub mommas are the ones to watch closely.
Good Luck
They will leave you aslone if you leave them alone. I have been around a few bears and the only time I had a bad run in with one was when we were tracking a woun ded one and I unknowingly got a couple feet away from it. They fear you way more than you fear them.
where I live it's not the bears you need to worry about we are getting more and more wolves here.

critter gitter lives a bit north of where i live but we experience the same things. typically wolves wont bother if you dont bother them first, bears are generallly shy.....if no arms are available, throw rocks and large sticks......a bear actually was looking down a varmint hole in my back yard about 50 ft. away......i scared him for my dogs sake because he was outside:sadbanana:
we got pleanty of bears round the catskills as long as the cubs aren't around your generally safe.trying to scare them off is the best advice ,trying to look big waving your arms yelling etc. shooting one out of season will get you arrested.the warden aint buying the old"self defense"unless your tore up from the bear.If you can carry a sidearm that would be good if not get bear spray fisherman use it when they are in alaska salmon fishing.Trying to out run a bear or climbing a tree or playing dead will result in you being dead.:bye:
Hi Friend,

I live in Maine and there are alot of bear here. I was a lumberjack most of my life, so I have spent many many days in the Maine woods. Black bear generally will not bother you, a sow with young cubs will however.

If a bear hears you, you will generally never get to see it, as they don't generally prefer to be around humans. I have walked right up to a bear, within 5 feet or so, in a dump, my buddy was behind me, about 20 feet or so.

The bear was setting on his hind end, as I got to within 5 feet of him, he got on all 4 legs and started walking to me.

My buddy got scared, and started to turn and run. I hollered at him and told him to stop, and turn back and face the bear, stare him down and back away slowly.

I stared him down and also backed away. My buddy could have excited the bear and got us both hurt. My wife and kids were in the car watching, and his wife and daughter, were also watching from their car.

My intention was to pat the bear, on the head. I wanted to show my kids that they don't have to be scared of the maine black bear. Of course I explained to them, that there are times when you need to be very careful, as mentioned earlier.

A sick bear may bother you, also. In general you do not have to worry about bear. There is always exceptions, so be prepared, and you still should be ok.

Hope This Helps.

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