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what to belife?

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ok. i have a rcbs 5.10 scale and i also have a smart reloader digital scale. and the digital is always vary consistant. butthe manual scale is always telling me a different reading. for example if i am loading for the .270 in 130 granes. im loading 47 granes. and the digital. always reads between 46.9 and 47. but the rcbs will read 48 sometimes and 45 others. so im lost i dont know what to trust.any thoughts?
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You can get a set of Calibrating weights. Then you recalibrate both scales. Scales do not automatically stay accurate. We have to calibrate our scales twice a day, every day at work.
what deathss said and use only one scale, and it only, to find and keep making loads. you should always calibrate the scale before starting.
ha ha i never thought to calibrate it everytime. except for the electronic. thanks guys. il check it out againg.
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