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Well everybody,

tomorrow begins the early muzzleloader season here in the state of West Virginia. and today i came across a prayer that i knew i had to share. Im sure that there will be somebody that will take offense to this, but for those who appreciate, and are true to the sport, and know why, and how we are able to do this, will think about the Man upstairs before climbing into the tree stand or blind. I wish ALL of you happy trails, and a fruitful harvest. Happy Trails,

Brandon Showers

Heavenly father, to you I pray,
A majestic deer may come my way.
Let my aim be straight and true,
this my Lord, I pray to you.
A swift clean kill is what I ask,
Take his spirit swift and fast.
For his last breath should not be,
One of pain or agony.
Let his soul,
Come to Thee,
To roam your heavens,
Wild and free

In the Lord's Name we pray, Amen
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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