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what gun is your gun

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just wondering what gun you like to use best:pickle:
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just wondering what gun you like to use best:pickle:
Depending on where I'm hunting.
If on a hill over looking the hollow, my choice is myRemington Model 710 300 Win Mag.

If I'm in the woods in my tree climber, my trusty Marlin Glenfield Model 70A 30-30
For deer...probably my custom Mosin Nagant.

For would be between my Knight KP1 .223 and my Stevens 200 .243
That's an easy one because I have only 2 guns. A remington 710 3006 for deer and a Winchester 1300 for turkey. Depending on season both are my favorite, well, I have no other choice LOL.
remington 30-06 bolt action with a burris scope for deer.

my mossberg 12 gauge pump for rabbits, squirrels, turkey, etc.

my ruger 9mm for robbers, thieves, and drug addicts.
My Ruger Ultra Light .270
My Rem 870 express magnum .12ga
My S&W .40
Just depends on my mood at the time and where I'm hunting.
in north for deer carolina 7mm rem mag with burris eliminator scope in pa 35 rem and for ducks geese and rabbits benelli 12 gauge
my springfeild 1903 that is rebarreled to .243
winchester pre-64 30-30 for deer,ruger 480 7.5" barrel for bear,winchester 1300 for turkey and Mossy 500a 22" rifles slug barrel for hogs:w00t:
Remington Model 700 BDL 7mm mag, glass bedded and trigger job for deer/bear
TC Encore 204 Ruger with trigger job for varmint
Beretta 20 guage Ducks Unlimited Special Edition for rabbit or dove
JC Higgins 22 mag for fun
Ruger 9mm for self protection

Would have to say the TC Encore with a 204 barrel is most fun!!!
h and r 280 rem for anything bigger than a rabbit, the load I use depends on what I'm after, mossberg mod 500 12 gauge for anything with feathers
17 hmr or 22 lr for rabbits and squirrels...although I am planning on buying a rem 700 in 308 to build specifically for longe range coyote and hog hunting
My Ruger Ultra Light .270
My Rem 870 express magnum .12ga
My S&W .40
Remington .244/6mm Remington
Remington 870 .20 gauge
Toss-up between M1 Carbine and Springfield Armory XD-40 for varmints.
(2 or 4 legged) :wink:
Ruger M77 .270 for just about anything. Old Ruger .22 pistol for plinking
91/30 mosin nagant is what i'll be using for deer. I did also just pick up a mossberg 500 that came with both deer and bird barrels and a free scope, but that was more of an impulse buy/ possible turkey gun than anything else.
kimber 300wsm
savage 116s 3006/300wsm
Benelli super black eagle
Remington 7600

My fav rifle would be my Remington model 7600. With a bushnell 3-9x40 trophy XLT with doa 600. Also a nice browning sling. I have over $ 1000 into the gun
! :)
just wondering what gun you like to use best
For 99% of what I hunt either my Interarms MarkX in .30-06 or a Ruger M77 MarkII in 7x57mm.
deer winchester model 70 30-06
turkey mossberg 835 ulti mag
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