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What does your wife shoot?

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My wife is taking up hunting if she can stop shopping.... (it will save me thousands). She has a loaner for this year but I was wondering what ya'll would recommend?

Most of our hunting is 100 yards in, but she will be on the highline some so there is multiple opportunities for a shot upto 250 yds.

Anything lighter than a .270. That kicks a little to hard for her.
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What about a 7mm-08. A good flat shooter, but hardly any recoil. I don't have a lot of experience with one, I shot one 2 times, and it seemed pretty mellow. I am in the same boat trying to find something for the misses. Or a 308? I found a single shot Rossi that comes with a 20 gauge barrel and a 308 barrel for $249 at Gander Mountain. I am thinking about getting one for the misses, but I know very little about the 308 either.
A woman's rifle

I think that unless you reload you will want to stay with the short action calibers. A 7mm08 or a 243,260,308 should fit the bill. Of those the 243 or 260 are going to kick the least. Keep the bullet weight down for her 140gr or less in 7mm08, 150gr in 308, 100gr in 243, and I think it is also 140gr in the 260. One thing to think about is rifle fit, her arms will be a couple of inches shorter then yours so try to locate one of the youth models that have the shorter stocks. One consideration that I always tell someone looking for a rifle is make sure the trigger is clean. A cheaper bolt action will usually have a much nicer trigger than other traditional actions. Also a shorter barrel 20inches or less will make the rifle easier for her to handle and carry. Make sure that you put a sling on the rifle and just get her out the range and have fun. Don't be supprised if she outshoots you.
yes there is a 140 for the .260 and its the better performer in the .260
I already know she can outshoot me. It is in her genes. My Father-in-law is a shooting freak. I had her try my .270 and she put a shot touching but inside mine at 100 first try. She could only see half a scope because the eye releif - long butt of the rifle.
Got her a H & R 243 youth. The bull barrel and my Father-in-law's blessing sealed the deal.

Sighted it in christmas and had the honor of wearing a idiot bump from the scope. The youth part got me. I just could not stay back from the scope. Put a 1" pad on it and that helped a lot. She is happy. I am happy
my worst half shoots

I bought a rem.model 7 7mm08 120 grain hollow point and it is a great gun. She has shot several hogs and her first deer this year. she can drive tacks with it.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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