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"ammo is cheap recoil is not bad either"

I talked with my daughter the other day and she'd just watched her hubby shoot their Marlin .30/30. The way the recoil jerked his shoulder (her words), she wasn't quite sure if she wanted to get behind it at all. I'm heading there (maybe) over the holidays and intend on bringing my Savage .243 along so she could try it out.

It took a couple rounds to ensure my .30/30 was sighted in before taking it out to hunt with. .30/30 kicks almost like a .270 due to its shorter barrel and "saddle rifle" feel (personal opinion here), but it didn't stop me from dropping that 8-point buck pictured in the gallery section with it. Trust me, recoil was the last thing I felt when pulling the trigger and watching it drop.

Personal recommendation for a woman would be a .243, since I've fired it and know it's recoil and stopping power using Remington Core-Lokt 100 grain bullets. Just for giggles and grins, has anyone tried any of the 'newer' Remington semi-auto's (Model 7400 or now Model 750) lately? I have a Woodsmaster that's a couple (okay, a few) decades old and wonder how it would compare with the latest in technology.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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