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What does the group this `Will Marlin Firearms Survive`

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I think most know that Marlin was bought and it's workforce is now layed off. Does the group think that it will come back or is it gone after over 100 years?

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I am sure they will be back if they don't comeback somebody must want the marlin name what its quality will be time will tell
Anything can happen. I hate to loose historical options in the gun market. Marlin is a really good workhorse product. I know they made some high end stuff too but their claim to fame has been the ability to sell with-in the average hunter's budget and did a great job.
I don't know if you guys know this or not but Marlin is owned by Remington. Remington is moving the Marlin plant to the Remington plant, for some reason that I don't know.
Labor costs

If they move production I would bet it is to the Remington southern plants that are non union. I read one of the problems with Marlin was their high hourly costs for labor.

I hadnt heard that either WisconsinDeer. The Marlin brand will still be around for years to come I think.

On this subject Knight is back!!!
A few years ago Savage was almost belly up. Savage has made a remarkable comeback. Heres hoping Marlin can do the same.Every time we lose a big gun manufacturer its scary and a win for the antigun gun movement.
Marlin Status

I second the above post. Marlin was bought about 5 years ago. They're not closing, just moving as far as I know. The local Dick's and Cabela's are still getting new guns from them.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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