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What do you want for Christmas??

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Hello everyone...

I hope I'm in the right place.. I've been surfing the net looking for advice from some serious buck slayers on a Christmas present for a 26yo north Louisiana man with a serious Big Buck obsession. We're going on three years so I wanted to really show him I cared this year and do a little research to get him something nice..

I've been looking at things like a nice scent-control camo set or binoculars since he's too frugal to buy them for himself... but for a lady who's not totally experienced in hunting or all things Red, its still a little overwhelming to look at all the options!

So I guess I'm wondering what do other whitetail hunters want for Christmas and are scent-control camo (outerwear or baselayers), or binoculars (nightvision or not?) a good idea?? And whats a decent price range/brand for things like binoculars or camo (or other things) that will buy a good quality product but not be a rip off.. (the top quality items are out of my budget so I'm afraid to take the plunge and buy something in my price range that may end up being such poor quality that it wasn't even worth it and just ends up frusterating him..)

Sorry for the long message, but I would be VERY appreciative of any suggestions! Thanks so much for any ideas you may have and good luck with the hunt!!

PS...I've already gotten him carhart coveralls, a bow and arrow rack, and black lab (bed and crate included) in the past so those options have already been used up :)
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Talk to his buddies to see if he has mentioned anything. Price does not always mean quality (look at a post on this forum regarding a $250 Nikon rifle scope), and remember that most sales people only care about making a sale. Quite a few don't even know what they are talking about. Personally, I have never used scent control fabrics so I have no comment on what to suggest or avoid. Be aware that they need to be washed and cared for correctly. With optics, there are many options in objective sizes and power. I have an inexpensive, compact Tasco binocular that is just as good or better than my much more expensive, compact Nikon (I bought it at 50% off). I suggest you research the reviews of the different things you are considering. Also check the store prices with prices on-line. Optics Planet might be a good option for optics. Good luck!
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