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What do you prefer?

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Just wanted to start a conversation about your hunt. What type of hunter are you:
1: Treestand or tripod
2: Still or ground
3: Hunting in a blind
4: Stalker
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tree stands...........
since there ain't no trees more than 10-12 feet high where i hunt.........south texas tripods
In TN where we have plenty of trees Im a climbin or hang-on stand man. Just feel more concealed that way. I have a ladder but its only 12 ft high and I feel way to exposed. (that could be due to the fact that its a buddy stand and is wide enough for a elephant!)

I cant stand hunting off the ground or in a blind. No patience when I am in either of those set-ups. Same with stalking. Just dont have the patience. In a stand I dont have as easy of a choice to move locations quickly. So I just sit there all day.
I like treestands....climber and hangers. I have a few power/gas lines that have many trails crossing at all different distances so I will tuck into the side in some cover and sit. I have 2 ways of getting there too on each end so when the wind is very right I will go there and sit it.
I do 1,2,3 & 4 but I prefer 2 & 4. 1 and 3 offer the deer very little chance..
I'd rather be one on one in the hunting game, that way when I harvest the animal
I know I truly won on his level but there's nothing wrong with the 1 or 3 methods.
4 and 2 here. Lots of open country which usually means you have to move a lot - especially for muleys and antelope. But also lots of thick stuff where most of the wts hang out. That's where 2 comes in. I think 1 might work as well, but getting up into tree no longer has much appeal to me, (nothing wrong with it, I just don't feel too confident about my climbing skills at my age) but I still try to get as high as possible when stand hunting.
I guess what I use can be called a blind. 3 old wooden pallets stood on end with 2 Texas t-posts to help hold them in place. Another pallet serves as a floor. "Seats" are old empty cat litter buckets with a camo colored seat cushion tucked inside when not in use. It's just enough to hide behind so I can move a rifle just a little without chasing them all off. Winds out of the south suck, 'cause it blows scent right towards my only safe area to shoot. Prefer hunting with the winds slightly out of the north 'cause my scent blows away from them. Too much wind and I've learned that they're not going to be out there anyway. They can't smell anything to sense danger when the winds get whipped up too far.

Regardless what you call it . . . . I call it a successful place to hunt on my 'meager' 15 acres of land. It's in the center of about 100 acres or so and it has plenty of well developed deer trails. No one around puts up high fences, so there's nothing to stop them from ranging where they want. Suits me just fine, too!
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It kind of depends on the choice of weapon at the time. If rifle hunting it really does not matter, all of the above will work fine. if we are talking bow I prefer the tree stand. I may adopt the use of a blind this next season though.
Me too all depends on what I'm using, bows=stands, rifle=ground, flintlock=stalk.
I usually walk real slow the ridges and find a stratigic location where you can view when deer come up the washes. I will sit in those locations for some time and check with my binoculars for movement. It has worked for me for many years.
I never hunt from top of tree stands, but it is because of the terrain that I hunt in which is the Rocky mountains. Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.
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