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what do you guys think

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so i got a several rifels, shot guns, and hand guns, and such. but none of them exept my .44 mag are praticularly high end guns. they were all bought because the price was right, and they would do the job. i keep reading about all these realy nice guns you guys have and realy want somthing that makes me feel the same way about my guns that you guys do. do you guys think it would be wise of me to sell off all my low to med end guns for a few realy nice ones, or just keep the ones i got and slowly add nice ones to my colection knowing that this may take years to do.
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IMO, if the ones you have shoot fine and you;re happy with their service, no need to get rid of them. Over the years I learned you get what you pay for, to a point. Nobody is goin to give you anything for free, quality wise that is. But it's a double edged sword. Some out there will try to sell you a piece of crap for a high dollar. You just have to look at what you're paying for. What you call a low end gun might be a top notch piece of equipment if it meeets your needs and works well.
they all work very well. its just that i have held a few of my unkles guns, and you can realy feel the quality in your hands. the ultera smooth sliding of the bolt, the nothing feels loose when puming his shot gun, the wel balance of the waight. mine certanly do the job, no arguing that. they just dont have that feel to them.
hunt NH,

What I just read " i keep reading about all these realy nice guns you guys have and realy want somthing that makes me feel the same way about my guns that you guys do."

Its not the cost or the high end value that makes the guns precious to us. its the blessing of being able to posess them at all and having the oppertunity to choose the particular gun in the first place. I will admit, I am a sucker for Remmington this or Colt that. and I will probably never buy certain makes no matter the price. and I will probably never own a Weatherby because of the price. and I will admit that reading how someone else just bought a new bow or rifle etc makes me a little jeleous, and want to go out and buy something myself at times. but if you were happy with your purchase at the time, then thats all that really counts. Personally, I would keep them. but ultimately, let your choices be your choices, not the influence of others.

always remember #10 of the 10.
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i've got a bunch of fire arms, none i would consider up there like the dakotas or anything. just good solid guns, model 70's 77's 700's and such. i wasn't born with them i set a goal or found a sweet deal. guns are for buying not selling and i try to stick to that rule. i've got the first real rifle, win 94, i got when i was 12 or so. the rest i accumulated over 34 years.
" guns are for buying not selling and i try to stick to that rule."

plus, unless they have antique value, you will never get much of anything out of a used gun. least not what you have into it.
i would not say jeleous, just that i seteled for what i could aford. and i do know what makes a gun precious. i got a mossburg 500 that means the world to me. i bought it just after my 18th birthday, shot my first buck with it at the age of 18. i would not trade it for any gun in the world. ya ronn your right "never sell a gun" iv been told that more than once. pluss when i get a realy nice gun i wont want to let my son take it out hunting out of frear that he will damage it, or not clean it right. and the ones i got now would be perfect starter guns. gess ill just put it this way. ill start saving up and when i got a nice chunk of change together ill go up to skips, hold every gun in the store till i get the "thats the one" felling drop a real nice scope on it before it even leaves the store. then when my son gets old enuff to hunt. ill give him the guns i got now and keep the nice ones for my self. my boy can get them from my will.
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i gess the best way to describe what i mean by high end. to compare it to trucks. its like my guns are newer F150 bace models. they are very reliable and will certanly get the job done. but its not as nice as a well equiped super duty. but at the same time i dont want to i dont want to waist my cash getting a cadalac SUV.
its all relative as well. what i consider high end isn't the same as the next guy. Weatherby isn't high end in my opinion. well not all of them anyway. dakota, nosler, sako, that is high end to me or something custom from the normal co. a remington 700 bdl isn't high end but it is very good, solid, work horse of a gun and thats well built and affordable. find a nice used one and the depreciation has already occurred. same for the ruger, older winchester, the weatherbys. savage is another story. they were great, then crap, then good, then crap, and now very good.
Here's a little onehorse gun ownership history: Over the years, I've owned LOTS of different rifles, handguns and shotguns, but never anything extraordinarily expensive. If I wanted to try something new, I had to say goodbye to one of the older ones because I just couldn't afford to keep buying. The good part to that is I learned an awful lot about a lot of different guns; the bad part is that, right now, I'm sure sorry that I sold some of those guns, and I wish I still owned some of them. The other bad part is that every time you sell a gun, you loose some of your initial investment - unless the value goes up - which does happen, but is rare. My advice is buy what you can afford, and hang on to the ones that work well for you. Yes, the "feel" is important in trying to determine if you should buy the gun in the hopes that if it feels right, it will work right. But if the guns you already have work right, forget about the feel. You are already past that part of the process. A deer killed by a decent mid-range rifle is just as dead as one killed by a custom-made one. Having said that, man, would I like to buy a Sako or a Kimber, maybe one of those Christensen fiber-barrel rifles, or ...... Here we go!
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as Ronn sead. high end is relitive. i dont need to get a $4000 custom made gun. but i am done going into it saying "i got $350 for gun and scope". i am going to keep the ones i got. nothing wrong with them, and as i sead above i can give them to my son when he is old enuff to hunt. no sence giving him a real expencive gun when he is first starting. as a teen i misstreaded a ithica deer slayer, and pitted the barel. i would much rather that happen to one of the guns i got now than one of the nicer guns i will be getting in the future. but i think i will be saving up $800 to $1000 and buying one of these guns i hear people reving about like the ruger M77 onehorse recomended, or the Tikka (or whatever its called) that you guys keep talking about, and putting a real nice scope, like a nikon, pantex, or Leupold on it insted of the cheepie wallmart specieals i have on my current guns.
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I like many of you collect guns because I enjoy them for various reasons. I may want a flintlock for PA, or an in-line for Ohio, or a special purpose one. I too have sold many guns over the years and wished I'd kept a few. However, with that said, I would never hesitate to up-grade. If there is no setimental value or high collector value then I'd sell off some and get something really nice or something that fits your wants list. Buying and selling has some advantages especially when a great deal presents itself. I have several family guns that will never be sold. I always have a couple of traders on hand just for up-grade reasons. I have a real desire to add a few older rifles with collector value and will try over the next few years to get. My advice, sell off some and treat yourself to one that brings a smile whenever you look at it or shoot it. To start over I'd much rather have 8-10 really high dollar guns than 30-40 run of the mill ones. The problem is that back then I couldn't afford the ones I wanted so most became shooters and a few collectors.
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I would add Browning A-bolt to your look at list and there is nothing wrong at owning a Remington and adding a nice Leupold scope on it. I've said it before that dollar for dollar Remington has always been a great buy.
Im with the group of "guns are for buying not selling". (unless you got to feed your kids and your out of ammo)

I gotta bunch of older savage shotguns. I could sell them all and buy a nice rifle. Its just not worth it to me though. Would rather save up over the long term and buy the rifle and keep the shotguns. I may rarely use them but there nice to have when folks wanta just shoot something off the back porch or go rabbit hunting. Plus got some sentimental value as well. My older guns are for passing down to the next generation. Think about how you value your grandpas guns. And then think about how your grandkids are gonna value you yours. A gun is an item they (grandkids) can hold on to and remember back in the day when you yourself held that same gun.
"i think i will be saving up $800 to $1000 and buying one of these guns i hear people reving about"

Hey, hunt NH, in that price range, you can get yourself a rifle and scope combo that would be hard to beat even at a much higher price. Most of the rifles that you mentioned, and the ones that get the most talk on this site, cost about $600 or so, and you could get a nice Leupold or any of the other great scopes for $300-$400. So, save up that money, and you'll be able to get a real braggin' gun for sure!
thanks. its gona take me some time to save up that kinda $$$. maybe a year. but i looked at a Pantex game seeker last fall and realy liked it. and it was like $180. so mabey $600 for the gun and $200 for the scope. maybe, just maybe by next season.
Hunt nh, I'ts a plan and a goal, good start. Some of my plans/goals are 10 years old or more and still off in the distance. This way you get to really think about what you want to put together.
the kid next door bought a bdl in 308 used with a decent scope for 350, from a gun shop. i told him if he wasn't happy with it i'd give him what he payed for it. he ended up selling it to his dad. the little puke.:crybaby:. point is there are deals out there just got to have the resources to capitalize when they show. so save till you find that sweet deal.

i think we all settle on things at times, and sometimes its necessary, but ya know lowering the bar is a bad habit to get into. "this will do until i get the one i want" is something we all have to do, just don't forget the until part. ya know what i mean?
went to my local gun store and held the Ruger M77, and the Browning A bolt today. he dident have any of the Tikka's for me to hold. between the 2 i did hold i liked the ruger more. any others i should be adding to my list to look at?
savage, howa, kimber, weatherby are worth a look
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