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What do y'all do to rookies?

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Hey yall just hoping you can give me some heads up. This will be my first time hunting and I KNOW my buddy and his family (the ones im going with) are a bunch of ******** (in a good way) and are going to play pranks on me since its my first time to the lease. I know that you dont snipe hunt with a burlap bag in a field so thats not going to work.

So my question is this: What tricks do yall paly or have you had played on your fellow hunters when theyre the new guy?
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I've used Raisins along deer tracks in the snow to lure Rookies away from me.
Then at the end of the day I let them see me eating the raisins off the snow telling them "Aw man it wasn't even fresh droppings" :w00t: :w00t:
Thats good Bruce... :lol:

I dont do anything to em.. Help then get in a tree and make sure they got their gun.. Then Im moving a considerable ways away from them so I dont get shot. I also make sure they got a way of communicating if they need something..

Back when I first started gun hunting, we used an old truck camper with a 5 gallon bucket that was used for a holding tank. Low and behold the "rookie" had to empty the bucket!! :thumbdown: Looking back on it, it was worth it!!! :smile:
new guys does all the chores at camp:thumbdown:
I try to put first time hunters in my best spots hoping they see some deer and want to come back. And if they kill one they always get the 1st deer initiation, head in the gut bucket or if I can't get it in there they definately get blood all over their face. And a good picture after its all done, its good stuff man.
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