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Hello from Ohio and thanks for your service/protection of our country. The 243 is a great youth/women rifle, however, I would have no problem using one myself as thats what I started deer hunting with. The 400 yd shot is a long one and requires good optics and complete knowledge of the rifle, as you know. I would have to look at the ballistic chart for the 243 to see what the performance would be at that range. My personal opinion is it would come up a bit light. I would throw another caliber that you both could shoot, a Remington 260. My son shot it well and it will shoot a 140 gr bullet for deer with very little felt recoil. The 223 bullet is not considered a good caliber for hunting as we see it as too light. I'm really glad your introducing your son to hunting and sharing quality time with each other!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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