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What bullet?help

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Need help on picking a bullet for my new long range hunter.just want some opinoins before i go spend lots of cash on diffrent ones.thanks guys
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You need to expieriment and see what bullet weight ,brand, etc... works good for your type of rifle. Diffrent powder charges also will affect the way a paticular bullet shoots as well. There are many discussions about this in this forum, spend some time and look back through some of the old posts here. Lots of good info! Good luck!
i use hornady in my tc it works really good but all guns are different so you will have to experiment with different bullets and loads to see what works best
I was wondering about everyones choice of bullets based on energy transfer and wound channels.every bullet i have shot so far has given me great accuracy out of the long range hunter just need advice on performance on game not paper thanks.
when you're talking 260gr and up if you hit it its going to fold up. round ball maxi hunter are just lead and will do a number on a critter.
So,how far are you wanting to shoot your long range hunter?The name of your gun may be a little misleading.How far do you feel comfortable shooting?Muzzleloaders along with centerfires don't have a forever range.I think your longest shot should depends on you and how comfortable you are with taking the shot.
I hunt strictly big timber my shots are usually 100 yards or less
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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