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what bows

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Ok looking to purchase a new bow I was looking at the Hoyt turbohawk but it is not in the line up for 2011 looks like it is called the rampage I am looking to spend a max of $600 for bare bow I would like to keep this to bows people have shot not just get a matthews or PSE my issue is I have only a 25" draw the bow shop I usually deal with sells Hoyt Matthews PSE & Browning I would like to deal w/ them but I am open to any brand
I am now shooting a Reflex & hate to give it up but I have about worn it out in the 3 years I have owned it so time for a new one
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dep i know pse has 2 new bow packages in the ready to shoot form.they come all set up sight,rest etc.Its in there new lineup i cant remember there names but call your pro shop as they were in your price range.the turbohawk was a good deal and you might be able to find a deal on one now that the 2011's r out.good luck
Spiker I was thinking the same on the turbohawk the Rampage seems to be the same bow but a little faster I was also going to look at the bow madness & the vendetta by PSE
another thing is I retired from my local fire dept in May & they just made me a lifetime member & gave me a $250 gift card to bass pro anyone like their redhead line & who makes them?
congrats on the retirement and the bows in the bass pro line i believe are made by bowtech.that 250$ will cover a nice protion of it.i would go that route or find a deal on the turbohawk.the turbohawk gives you the same riser as the other hoyts just not all the bell & whistles,its a good bow.
Well will have the new bow hopefully before Christmas
I have decided on the Hoyt Rampage xt it was only $50 more then the Turbohawk & felt a little better, even quieter & smoother then the Turbohawk
I did not like the feel of the PSE's & the one Bowtech I tried out the Rampage XT just felt like it was made for me
guess I am making an order to bass pro for a rest & sights & use the rest of the gift card for instinctive buying (learned how to do this from the wife & daughters)
Good luck on the new bow. Hunters seem to celibrate Christmas 365 :bag: I really like my Toxik model by Diamond Bows sold by Bass Pro. Smoothe, quiet, fast.
HM funny I used to say the same thing when I was playing paintball a lot but getting to old to be chasing kids around so I try to hunt more then paintball & not putting down the PSE or bowtechs for me the hoyts seem to have the right feel for Me
New toys are great. Ive never shot that particular bow but have always been a fan of Hoyt bows. Congrats on the retirement, gift card, and new bow.
it took over the turbohawk & it supposedly has the same cam & limbs as the carbon element just different riser & $600.00 cheaper
Have you given the Diamond line a try. I was considering giving up the string and stick for a crossbow due to torn up shoulder. I decided to go with a smaller bow with lower draw weight. I shot PSE, Matthews,Browning etc.... I ended up buying a Diamond Edge. Before you start laughing and saying it's a youth bow/starter bow. I have taken 2 nice bucks, several doe, and a coyote or two with this bow. It is smooth, quiet, fast and with a 50# draw weight @ 28", very easy on my shoulder. I'm sure the higher end Diamonds are at least as competent as this entry model.
it's a youth bow/starter bow.
Nothing wrong with that at all. Its a little overkill on how fast we as bowhunters think our bow should be shooting these days. As long as its easy on your shoulder and its shooting fast enough to kill a deer thats all you need for it to work. A 250 fps can tag him just like a 325 fps.
I agree BF
I am really looking for something more compact a little lighter & a beeter feel & the rampage has it all for me
OH I did coinsider the diamond line but the only place in my area that has them is Bass pro almost 3 hrs away so that thought went away hopefully they will be setting it up this week & I will be picking it up next weekend
Christmas came early this year Picked up the new bow Friday night
this this is just Awesome little harder to pull back then the reflex breaking point is very short just about full draw
but shots amazing & is Super quiet has a very faint pop when released almost sounds like the knock leaving the string not sure I like the drop away rest may be putting the biscuit back on but need to play with it more too darn cold out it is only in the 20's here so I may skip it today
Ok so I couldn't take it Played with it on & off for a few hours I DO like the rest it just took me some time to get used to it this thing is shooting amazing out to 70 yards (I don't hunt past 45-50)
I like to practice 10-20 yards past my comfort zone
one more weekend for bow season here then I have to wait till May for Turkey going to leave the shotgun home next year
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