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what arrows?

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looking at the easton full metal jacket arrows. anyone have any experience with them. or any other preferences.
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Same arrows my son hunts with and really likes them. I use Easton Axis 400 with NAP quick fletch 2" quick spin vanes. There is a lot of good arrows out there. Gold tip has a good rep too.
I shoot Gold Tip Pro Hunters
I shoot Gold Tip Pro Hunters
I have used carbon express maxima 350s and have nothing negetive to say about them. at all.

I am now using gold tip pro hunters . very fine, tough arrows.
Been shooting gold tip pro hunters.. Picked up a half dozen cheap arrows this spring.. They are Beman ICS hunter elites.. Have yet to fire them through the bow.

Gold tip has moved all their production to Mexico I think.. I do not know if that will affect the quality or not..
what a shame. and I was thinking of getting a second dozen just to have on hand. As long as I have a choice, I will not buy from traitor companies.
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